Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brazilian "Swiss" Lemonade

This is one of those recipes that EVERY Brazilian mother does ...
I remember the first time I heard it,
sounded very chic and I was all proud of myself because I was drinking that Très Très Chic lemonade 
Kids ... Hahaha !!!
But researching why the name, I found out that no one knows for sure why the Swiss lemonade has this name in Brazil. Some say it is because it was created in 1982 in Switzerland, others say it is because it contains the peel of the fruit ... But what I really think is that the name was invented by some restaurant owner or someone in a hotel chain for business purposes only, because Brazil loves what is made overseas, even a lemonade.
I know my people.

2 lemons or limes
1L of cold water
Sugar to taste

After wash, cut the lemons into 4 and remove the seeds.
Blend with water and sugar.
Strain and serve immediately.

MATILDE' TIPThis lemonade can not be done in advance and not be saved for later, because it gets bitter quickly.