Thursday, March 21, 2013

POLL: Ecobags, do you have one?


These totes were named Ecobags (green bags) and became a fad in New York and London.
But the question is ... did we have really embraced this new habit?
I am sincere: Yes and No. I admit !
I have many Ecobags, in different sizes and prints, some I bought and some I won. And I admit that I try to use it everyday but  I do not always remember them and unfortunately I have to say that still "need" the little bags for different purposes.
Caaalm, calm down! I'll explain why:
I live in a place that cares about the selective collection, but I'm overlooking a park where people bring their dogs and some of them have inside their heads what their dogs leave on the grass. I'm sick of it and I leave some little bags around the park for those who play stupid.
What else could I do?

But most of the times, I use my Ecobags and when I don't have it, I buy a new one.

Then comes another question: when will we be able to get rid of this "necessary evil" for good?

I remember when I was little, there were no such a thing as plastic bags. In the groveries, markets, bakeries and even the farmer's markets, the paper bags were used as packages.

        The garbage yes, was accommodated in plastic bags, in buckets with lids.

Here in Chicago, many places never stopped using paper bags and markets more "ecologically engaged" offer a small discount to stimulate reuse their bags.
The market here already offers biodegradable plastic shopping bags, garbage bags, cutlery, plates and glasses for parties. Pretty cool!
Unfortunately still quite expensive compared with common plastic products. 
Maybe one day it changes ...

But did you already adhered to the use of ecobag?

I want to know!

No, because I "need" the little bags for different purposes.
    Yes and no, because I do not always remember to bring it with me.
      Totally, and when I don't have it, I buy a new one.