Thursday, April 25, 2013

TIP: 5 Years of Hand-Drawn Sandwich Bags by a Dedicated Dad

I don't know if your parents made for you snacks to bring to school ...
I remember my lunch box with a thermal bottle.
But nothing that compares to this!

Look! 5 Years of Hand-Drawn Sandwich Bags by a Dedicated Dad

Your parents may have slipped the occasional note or doodle into your lunch bag, but graphic designer David LaFerriere has taken it one step further, adding a new surprise drawing to his kids' sandwich bags nearly every day. He started snapping photos of the mini works of art and now has a Flickr set boasting over 1,100 photos!
LaFerriere started making sandwich bag drawings for his two sons back in 2008. His doodles often use imperfections in the bread or the sandwich itself as elements, as in this fish about to eat a bread "bubble" or this man digging up dinosaur bones buried under the sandwich's crust. As a whole, the drawings are cheerful, often quite funny and exactly the kind of pick-me-up any kid could use in the middle of a tough school day.
Check out his Flickr set to see all 1,108 photos (and counting)!
→ Sandwich Art on Flickr

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