Thursday, May 1, 2014

Surprise Gifts for Me ! - Old Town Oil

One of these days, my husband comes home with a gift for me!

When I thanked, he said it wasn't from him ... Say what ?

He said he has this friend, who he workes with a few times, and conversation comes and goes, my husband said that I loved to cook and also had a cooking blog.
His friend, in turn, said he had a side business and he owns the Old Town Oil.

I simply LOVE this store, and we already knew it when we lived in Downtown Chicago.

At that time, the store was selling only flavored Olive Oils and Balsamic.
Today, the store slightly expanded the range of products and in partnership with other companies, sells different kinds of olives, pesto sauce and other similar products and also sells a line of cosmetics based on olive oil.

John sent me the traditional flavors of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, which are divine by itself.

They came as in the photo. In glass bottles, like wine packed in a cardboard box and a small paper bag. Pure Rustic Charm!
All packaging is recyclable. And by the way, they recycle all their material and still give you a discount on the next purchase.

Of course I made a nice salad on the same day and savor the delicate gift.

And I, like a chic and polite girl, sent a Thank You Card to him !
It is a traditional way to thank somebody, sending out a small card saying thank you for their lovely gesture, as those sent to us after a wedding party, for example.
But here in the USA, you do it in almost every occasion ...
After a dinner party, if someone have you at home as a guest, if you're invited for traditional holiday parties like Thanksgiving Day or Christmas ...
That's how they taught me when I arrived here, so I always do.

And from this simple gesture, an invitation to visit the store emerged, but this time a "Taste Visiting" and guided by the owner himself . Oh how chic !

But the visit will be the subject to a new post ...