Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our Visit to Old Town Oil Store

As I promised, here is the post about our visit to the Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegars Store, OLD TOWN OIL.

The idea of a store came up to John from his frustration on trying to reproduce the dishes he ate in Italy, while visiting his brother, but never succeed. 
Until the day he decided to bring his olive oil and balsamic directly from the source and TA DA !

He decided to go deeper in the subject, and found out that if the product has only 5% of olive oil in its composition, is enough to be called olive oil here in the USA.
And I bet you'll feel like me ... gasp !
Yes folks, it may be 95% sunflower, canola, corn or all of those mixed together with only 5% olive oil, that it can be called olive oil WITHOUT BEING.
What ?

Yeah ...
In addition, some olive oils are "made" with the "rest of the bottom" of barrels from different countries.
They are all blended, filtered and bottled as if they were one.
What is also not good as it affects the quality of the oils because this process doesn't really care for the conservation and storage, since it is ideal time is at maximum, 18 months.

But the information that shocked me most was about the Light Olive Oil ...
When you think of a light product, you expect something healthier, less caloric. Right?
In this case, this idea is totally WRONG !
It is so processed that it's just a notch above the fuel oil. 
You know, the one used in torches and lamps ?
It does you no good, because all the properties of the extra virgin olive oil were lost in the name of smoothing flavor and decrease in calories.

Do you ever heard the phrase Less is More ?
It applies to our food too!
The less processed food is, the healthier it is.

And since information is everything in life, John found himself in a dilemma: "Knowing all this, how can I feed my family this? I can't !"
So he decided to study it more deeply, visited producers in Italy and decided to import himself, oils of good provenance and quality guaranteed.
He opened the store in 2007 with his 3 brothers in an older area of ​​the Historic Center of Chicago and since then the business just grows.
Today, they have suppliers from all over the world, which produce oil for generations, while maintaining the commitment to offer its customers oils of the highest quality and unique flavors that aside, you will not find anywhere else.
And partnership with companies that have Olive related products also.


 It's so very much worth to visit the store and try the new world of flavors that 
Old Town Oil has to offer !
You will see the flavors and think how did they have this idea?



And then taste some of the endless combinations of flavors in olive oil and balsamics which will take you to another level !
I felt like a kid in a candy store ... not knowing what to try first.
Simply Amazing !

The ideal is to make a visit to the store, talk to the sellers, letting them know your personal taste and they'll give you suggestions.
They will teach you how to taste olive oil and mixtures and tell you the best ways to use them at home.
A real lesson without being.


Then you choose your flavors and they pack them right in front of you.
The casks are exposed in the shop, under controlled temperature and with all the informations about the items, ingredients and origin of the product.
All simple and rustic.


Very worthwhile ! I SUPER recommend !

And I got more gifts ...
And of course I made a beautiful salad, as we were having a guest from Brazil the next day. ;)
Recipe coming soon here on the Blog !

It is worth remembering that all packaging is recyclable. And if you take the bottles back, they recycle them all and still give you a discount on the next purchase.

Anyone wishing to visit the Old Town Oil, it has two stores:

Wells Street (Old Town)
1520 N. Wells Street
Chicago, IL 60610
Mon-Sat: 11 am - 7 pm
Sun: 11 am - 5 pm
Tel: (312) 787-9595

1924 Central Street
Evanston , IL 60201
Mon-Fri: 10:30 am - 6 pm
Sat: 10 am - 5 pm
Sun: 11 am - 4 pm
Tel: (847) 864-0487

You can also buy online:

Or at Crate & Barrel stores:

They have some combos to help you to venture into this world of flavors too ...

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And if you visit the stores, mention our Blog !
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Big Kiss.