Friday, August 29, 2014

Surprise Gifts For Me! - Amafruits

Some time ago, I met Rebecca and her husband by accident ...
We were attending a Fundraising Event for a Brazilian NGO here in Chicago and we ended up sitting at the same table for dinner.
Conversation comes and goes, and they tell us they have a company called AMAFRUITS, which imports Açaí pulp directly from the Amazon to the USA.

Say What ??? Just meant to be!

And I told them I had this food blog and we had a long conversation ...

The company has began as a way to bring the Açaí pulp to friends and family and, of course, expanded quickly. And how not?
And they do it all themselves. They visit the places of production in northern Brazil, negotiate directly with the producers, without intermediaries, and only close the deal with those who can guarantee the quality of a 100% organic product and no added water or other ingredients.
Because many brands out there are selling the pulp "baptized", as we say in Brazil. 
They add water and starch (soy lecithin) to thicken the juice and posing as a pure pulp.
Always read the packaging!
And if you have any doubt, look the color of the product, because when the Açaí pulp begins to oxidize, it starts losing its properties and the color purple turns brownish.

And for my surprise, one day, checking my spam box ... I see an email from Rebecca!

"Hi Fernanda,

How are you?
I've been following your work on the Brazilian Community and also your Blog.
I wonder if I could be getting in touch with you by phone?
I would love to have the opportunity to do something together, it will be interesting.

Hugs and have a great day!"

Rebeca Hovey
Amafruits LLC 
Office: (708)403-5607

O.M.G. Can you imagine my face? 
And also Shock, because her email was lost for more than 2 months.

I answered her, Obviously!
And she replied back.
We talked a lot, we had some ideas together, more than just a little, but I'll tell you soon ...
And the following week, there comes a huge box of  "samples" of all the fruits they have.
Yes, baby ... because the Açaí berry is the main product but, it's no longer alone!
Now, the Acerola Cherry, Cupuaçu and Graviola Soursop are also part of the Amafruits Family!
How Lucky!!!

And if you never heard about these superfruits, I'll tell you a little bit about:

  • Açaí is a delicious deep purple berry that resembles a large blueberry found growing on tall, slender palm trees in the Amazon Region, where it has been consumed in the form of a pulp (purée) for centuries by natives and river dwellers. Many describe the taste as a vibrant blend of berries with chocolate. The açaí berry is often credited for giving the people in the Amazon their strength and energy and keeping them healthy. Described as a complete food for it satisfies many daily requirements and makes for a balanced diet, açaí is probably one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. It may help your muscles, your heart, your digestion, and your energy levels. The three main functional benefits of açaí are its Antioxidant properties, Concentration of omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids, and Profile of energy release to the consumer. In addition, açaí has a wide spectrum of other nutritional elements, including fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals. WOW!
  • Acerola (pronounced ah-sir-oh-la) is a small, cherry like fruit that grows on large, densely branched shrubs throughout the tropics of South and Central America and the Carribean. It is sometimes called the Amazon Cherry. It has a taste that ranges from tart to semi-sweet with the variety grown in the Amazon regions of Brazil being some of the tastiest. Acerola is recognized for having an ideal source of nutrients necessary for immune support. The really amazing thing about acerola, though, is that it contains 20-30 times the vitamin C of oranges making it one of nature's most potent sources of vitamin C. Oh Yeah!
  • Cupuaçu (pronounced koo-poo-ah-soo) is a delicious melon-sized fruit with a creamy white pulp that grows in the Amazon Rainforest. Cupuacu is known in the Amazon as “the pharmacy in a fruit” and could be considered one of the most nutritionally beneficial superfruits ever introduced to the marketplace. As a cousin of the cacao fruit, cupuaçu has a prized tropical flavor combining elements of chocolate, bananas, pear, passion fruit and pineapple. Cupuacu contains unique polyphenols, powerful antioxidant phytonutrients, call theograndins in addition to nine other powerful antioxidants like vitamins A and C. This incredible superfood is also filled with Essential Fatty Acids, amino acids, phosphorus, fiber and vitamins B1, B2, and B3 (niacin). Yummy!
  • Graviola (pronounced grah-vee-oh-la) is an oval, heart-shaped fruit with dark green, prickly skin from the Annona Muricata family that grows throughout the subtropics of Brazil. The flesh of the fruit is a white, creamy pulp with large black seeds. It has a taste that ranges from tart to semi-sweet with the variety grown in the Amazon regions of Brazil being some of the tastiest. Its flavor is often compared to a mix of strawberry and pineapple. Not unlike other types of fruit, Graviola contains essential vitamins and minerals which make for a healthy addition to anyone’s diet and is recognized for having an ideal source of nutrients necessary for immune support. Delish!

The frozen pulps came via mail, beautifully packed with dry ice and in perfect condition. As if I had just gotten out of my own freezer.

And of course, I'm delighted with them and posting the pictures on our Instagram, to tease you ...

So now that I have revealed my secret, you can enjoy it too!
And easy as 1  2  3, just click on the links below and make your orders:

Store Locator : Click here!
Açaí Purees: Click Here
Acerola Puree: Click Here
Graviola Puree: Click Here
Cupuaçu Puree: Click Here

* FREE SHIPPING in the continental U.S. only. 
Orders for delivery to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico need to call 1-877-818-1262 for shipping rates

Say you heard about them here on True Kitchen Blog and soon we will have a super raffle!!!

And soon I'll publish what I've been up to in the kitchen with the wonders that I got ...